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Service for client

Our Service to You

We provide the following services and facilities to make the life of our clients and customer easy

Exclusive Services

Sourcing of 

New Material

Whenever your production requirement need a specialty products which are not available in the market or difficult to get, chances are our company will be able to provide you with sourcing capability either by Indent order or Local stock based.

Sourcing of New Material
Sourcing of New Material
Research and Development
Research and Development

Research and


Many of our suppliers are considered world leading in terms of technological advances as well as environmental regulation. Many products are released every year to fulfill more demanding requirement from the market and regulator.

We work hand in hand with our supplier to push this product to the market and provide technical know how, marketing know how as well as trend and insight from overseas market to keep your company ahead of the competitor.


Marketing and Sales

For our suppliers, our deep knowledge and multiple relationships to the market, provides significant leverage to cross selling, combine promotion and distribution cost efficiency.

Our technical sales are regularly trained and provided with cutting edge sales tools to ensure each products received attention and support it needs to be successful in the market

Marketing and Sales
Marketing and Sales
Distribution and Logistics
Distribution and Logistics

Distribution and 


Our group of companies served more than 1500 companies in many different field of activities. This provides us with significant cost leverage to warehouse, maintain and distribute your product to the market.

We provide one day delivery services, Import and Clearance services, Regulatory affair, local stock management, reduced financial risk as well as strong collaboration with our supplier to ensure stock outage are minimized and customer satisfaction is maximized.


Blending and


We provide blending and repacking facility at very competitive rate to ensure your company can focus on what is most important, your customer. We are able to provide procurement services for items not in our inventory, blending on your specific formulation as well as repacking in your prefered packaging requirement. 

Blending and Repacking
Blending and Repacking
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