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Aman Lancar Abadi Lestari Chemical Warehouse

Aman Lancar

Abadi Lestari

About Company

Distribution Centre & Main Storage

PT. Aman Lancar Abadi Lestari was established in 2011 as a specialised chemical warehouse and distribution company. The company served the whole Group as its main warehouse and distribution centre and also lease out its spare capacity as a third party distribution company for other companies.

Our main warehouse located 30km east of Jakarta at Delta Silicone Industrial Park. This location helps us to provide fast and efficient delivery to our many customers.

With more than 1 ha of area seperated into 4 main storage area, our main warehouse able to provide secure and quality controlled storage for many different chemical products. These areas includes specialised temperature controlled room for food and pharmaceutical products, storage tanks for liquid products, humidity controlled for dry goods storage as well as general chemicals storage.

As a stand alone distribution company, we strive to provide the best speciality chemical distribution service in Indonesia. Efficient distribution routing, FIFO stock management, Blending and Repacking, Quality Controlled Storage, Next Day Delivery options as well as Just In Time delivery are some of the services we provide to make stock handling and delivery seamless and cost efficient for our customers.

Our future plan includes establishment of a second site in Tangerang area as well as looking to boost our presence in Surabaya and other major cities in Indonesia. We welcome you to contact us for any question and enquiries on the services we provide.

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