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Building construction sector requires many specialty chemicals to improve and enhance various properties of the material. By using our specially designed - performance enhancing construction chemicals, modern building and structure can be built more robust and energy efficient while using less material.


Our portfolio includes high performance methyl cellulose, speciality anti cracking fibre, 1K & 2K Waterproofing membrane as well as Aluminium pigment for Lightweight AAC. 

Building construction Sector Chemical

Our Product for
Building Construction

Product for Building Construction
  • Color Preparation
  • High Performance Aluminum Paste for Lightweight Concrete
  • Mastic and Cementitious Waterproofing Agent
  • Natural Micronized Fiber
  • Re-Dispersible Polymer Powder
  • Specialty Filler
  • Starch Ether
  • Superplasticizer
  • Testing Equipment for Construction

Brands We Carry

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