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Under our affiliates company, PT Kemira Nityatama, we are one of the major supplier of speciality chemicals in the Paint, Coating & Ink industry.


We supply various raw material such as cellulose ether based thickener, speciality solvent, effect pigments, various additives and preservatives as well as speciality resins such as heat resistant, chemical resistant, heat seal, corrosion resistant and hydrophobic resin.

Paint, Coating & Ink industry

Our Product for Waterbased Coating

Product for Waterbased Coating
  • Anti Corrosion Agent
  • Anti Tannin Agent
  • Biocides 
  • Coalescing and Anti Skinning
  • Color Preparation
  • Emusion Polymerization Additives
  • Natural Fiber
  • Organic Pigment
  • pH Adjuster
  • Specialty Filler
  • Thickener (HEC & HEUR)
  • Waterbased Resin Emulsion
  • Waterbased Aluminum Paste
  • Wetting / Dispersing Additives

Our Product for Solventbased Coating

  • Anti Corrosion Agent
  • Aromatic Resin
  • Dispersing Agent
  • Heat Resistant Resin
  • High Performance Pigment Powder & Dyes
  • Metal Stearates
  • Metallic Pigment Paste & Powder
  • Micronized Wax
  • Specialty Filler
  • Thickener
  • Ultra Transparent Pigment Preparation
Product for Solventbased Coating

Our Product for
Printing Ink

Product for Printing Ink
  • Adhesion Promoting Resin
  • Bronze Powder and Aluminum Pigment
  • Heat Seal Resin
  • Metal Stearates
  • Micronized Wax
  • Organic Pigment
  • Plasticizer
  • PU Resin for Gravure Ink
  • Specialty Filler
  • Thickener
  • Waterbased Wax Dispersion

Brands We Carry

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