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PT Trilestari Uretan Polyurethane Foam supplier sell Chemical Products

Trilestari Uretan

About Company

Polyurethane Foam and Non-Foam Market

Under Titian Group of Companies, PT Trilestari Uretan was established on 5th of November 1996 as a vehicle company to sell chemical products for Polyurethane Foam and Non-Foam market for as “One Stop Local Shopping“ destination for PU manufacturer ranges of requirements.

Growing into one of the largest Polyurethane Foam supplier in Indonesia, we enjoy strong relationships with all of our principals which allows us to provide excellent product support as well as stronger distribution penetration. Our technical sales includes Raw Material QC, R&D Laboratories, after sales service and product development capability. 

To ensure our leading position, we always invest in our capabilites and capacity to deliver to our customer. Our facilities enables us to be flexible and responsive to the needs of our customer. With strong drive for quality control and assurance, we are one of the few suppliers approved and accredited to supply many multinational companies in Indonesia.

We currently operates 3 warehouses to ensure supply reliability for our many customer. We also have blending facilities to provide ready to use system to simplify the life of our customer. With strong research and development capabilites as well as strong support from our partners, we are able to provide you any type of Polyurethane foams suitable to your needs.

Our obsession with quality control means that we only source the most stable and high performing material. We regularly check our product to ensure the quality of the material we send to our customer. We welcome you to look on our product portfolio and contact us if you have any questions.

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