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Chevron Oronite is a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation. Oronite develops and markets quality additives that improve the performance of fuels and lubricants. They manufacture hundreds of different additive packages for all types of diesel, gasoline and natural gas engines, and is the worldwide market leader in a number of areas, including Marine, Railroad and Natural Gas Engine Oil. Oronite operates seven manufacturing sites around the world, that makes delivery efficient and reliable. More..

A company that has over 65 years of proven industry experience, and an organisation that continues to innovate to find solutions that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Evonik’s oil additives are designed to be used in automotive and industrial lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and fuels and refinery processing. In addition, they have strong partnerships with formulators, OEMs and end-users around the world, collaborating to deliver solutions that enable improved fuel consumptions and reduce carbon emissions. More..

United Color Manufacturing is a global leader in the design and production of dyes, additives and covert marking systems for petroleum, plastic, ink and various specialty applications. Founded in 1982, UCM has set new standards in the world of dye and marker technology. Building on over 250 years of combined color expertise, our technical experts have pioneered some of the most novel types of dyes and marker used throughout the world today. More..

Total Special Fluids undertakes to manufacture and sell quality products. Our hydrocarbon fluids are efficient in the building and automotive industries, in the production of ink, paint, silicon sealants and cosmetics, in water treatment, crop protection, drilling fluids and many other applications. More..


Lubricating oils in automotive engines and industrial applications need quality chemicals to improve their performance and to meet the standards of the specified industry regulations. Our portfolio of products offer a range that includes, specialty base oils (aromatic and non-aromatic hydrocarbon based), engine oil and industrial oil package additives, VI Improvers, Coolants, Pour Point Depressants, Defoamers, Antioxidants, Demulsifiers, Corrossion Inhibitors, Biocides and Colourants for solvent and water based.

Lubricant, Grease & Metal Working Fluid

Arteco develops and manufactures quality antifreeze coolants and heat transfer fluids for automotive and industrial applications. We offer innovative aqueous solutions to provide efficient thermal transfer and corrosion protection for your cooling system, so that it can be cost effective and operate efficiently. More..

We also supply various complementary product to suit your production needs such as :

  • Lithium Hydroxide

  • Molybdenum Disulfide

  • Friction Modifier

  • Tackifier

  • Glycerine

  • Base Oil Group 1

  • DEG (Diethylene Glycol)

  • Biocide

  • Emulsifier

  • EP Additives


Shell Risella X and Ondina X oils are high-quality white oils, based on gas to liquids (GTL) technology, that offer valuable performance advantages. The Next Generation of Process Oils offer excellent performance applications, in contrast to other process oils that are derived from crude oil, they are made from pure synthesis gas; therefore, they are mineral-oil free. More..

Extreme Pressure Additives (EP Additives) are lubricant compounds that are suitable for applications that involve high pressure settings such as in gear assembly, metal working and metal cutting. DIC's DAILUBE sulfurized series product line provides users with a range of premium grade sulfur based lubricant additives that can be used to create formulations that are specific to their metal working requirement. More..

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