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Personal Care & Consumer Product


PT Titian Abadi Lestari is one of the leading supplier for the Personal Care and Consumer Product industries. We supplied high performance speciality chemicals to improve quality and performance of many products found and used on a daily basis. Most of our products comes with Halal, GMP and ISO standard and meet the requirements of many local and multinational companies. The products which we supplied includes Metal Stearates, Cellulose Derivative, Glyceryl Derivatives, Surfectants, Sequestering Agents, Betaine, Organic Preservatives, Organic Synthesis and Oils.

Sasol is an international integrated energy and chemicals company that leverages the talent and expertise of our more than 33 000 people working in 37 countries. We develop and commercialise technologies, and build and operate world-scale facilities to produce a range of product streams, including liquid fuels, high-value chemicals and low-carbon electricity. More..

Since its foundation as a soap factory in 1905, Cremer Oleo division has since expanded its facility with the production site at Witten and Wittenberge, (once Prignitzer Chemie). Today, Cremer is an efficient manufacturer of high quality oleochemical specialties. Our products includes Fatty Acids, Speciality Ester, Glycerin, Fats, Waxes, Emollients and Emulsifier. More..

SE Tylose is based in Wiesbaden, Germany, producing approximately 65.000 tons of cellulose ethers annually and is one of the world's most important suppliers. Under the registered trademark Tylose®, the products are used in virtually all parts of daily life. The most common fields of application are the construction and the paint industry as well as polymerisation, ceramics and cosmetics. More..

Peter Greven GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading manufacturers of oleochemical products based on renewable raw materials. Founded in 1923, the family business has continuously developed further and today, Peter Greven, as a group of companies with production facilities in Germany, The Netherlands and Malaysia, is internationally positioned and serves customers in over 85 countries. We provide metal soaps, alkaline soaps, esters and dispersions. More..

Starting from zero-base in 1980, our humble but bold initiative pioneered the palm-based oleochemical industry in the world. With the inception of our inaugural manufacturing facility, we were then the first and only oleochemical plant that produces exclusively palm-based oleochemicals. Today, the Oleochemical Division of IOI Corporation is the leading producer of vegetable oil-based fatty acids. Its production capacity per annum is approximately 710,000MT. The manufacturing facilities are suitably located in Prai and Pasir Gudang. More..

Special Fine Chemical Co.Ltd was established in pursuit of manufacturing hardened oil for detergent, wax and polish surface in 1998. Through constant facility investment and R&D, currently we are manufacturing more than 300 types of chemicals for the general industries including surfectant, paper chemicals, polyurethane, PE Wax and softener. More..

Clariant’s Business Unit Pigments is a leading global provider of organic pigments, pigment preparations and dyes used in coatings, printing, plastics, consumer products and other special applications. Our broad portfolio includes high-performance pigments and dyes to meet the exacting demands for automotive, industrial and architectural coatings, for the plastics industry, for special applications as well as colorants used in traditional printing, and inkjet and laser printers. More..


We also supply various complementary product to suit your production needs such as :

  • Silicone Oil

  • PEG 40, DEG etc.

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