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PT Trilestari Uretan is the market leader in Polyurethane Foam chemical supplier in Indonesia. Our technical service can provide almost everything needed to make various type of PU Foam. 


We supply everything from the basic building blocks of polyol and isocyanate, additives, release agents, blowing agents, solvents as well as ready mix formulated products.

PU Foam

Our Products for Polyurethane Foam Industry

Products for Polyurethane Foam Industry
  • Blowing Agent
  • Catalyst 
  • Flame Retardant
  • MDI and TDI Isocyanates
  • Polyol and Polyether Polyol
  • Release Agent
  • Silicone Foam Additives
  • Specialty Solvent and Plasticizer

Brands We Carry

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