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PT. Titian Abadi Lestari

Bahan Kimia Sabun

PT Titian Abadi Lestari was established in 1985 as a general chemical trading company. From our humble beginning, we have strived our self to be the most reliable specialty and general chemicals distributor as well as the number one choice of market expansion services provider in Indonesia. 


Nowadays, we are one of the leading chemical solution provider in Indonesia where we source, develop, market and distribute a wide range of specialty and general chemicals to many industries including Rubber, Plastic, Lubricants, Oil , Food, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and Agriculture.


With our almost 30 years of experience, we are present and have in-depth local knowledge across many industries. Our strong Key Client Relationships with the leading companies in Indonesia provides single point of contact and strong relationships for many international companies looking for entry to Indonesian market. 


For our many international clients, we provide extensive resources across our entire network and work for the best business interest of our clients. Apart from distribution services, we also provide extensive market research, and reports to give our clients a better insight and stronger penetration to the Indonesian market. These, coupled with our strong financial background have made us a reliable long term partner for many international chemical companies. 


For our local customer, we provide value beyond quality chemicals products. With our strong relationships and comprehensive network with many leading chemical supplier, we provide insights, technical capabilities, result and scale to help you achieve long lasting success in your business.


We are looking forward to develop a strong relationship with your business. We welcome you to look on our products and would be more than happy to hear back from you.

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