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PT Kemira Nityatama Chemicals Distributor

Kemira Nityatama

About Company

Distributor of Specialty Chemicals

PT. Kemira Nityatama is a leading company in the distribution of specialty chemicals, related products and services. Our main focus area is the Paint, Coating, Ink and Building Construction sector. With more than 30 years of experience in these sector, we are well placed to provide your business a competitive advantage it needs to be succesful in Indonesian Market.

We are more than just a distribution company. We are a global partner to our local customers and international clients dedicated to:

  • Customer satisfaction for life long relationships.

  • Market knowledge and insight to grow our customers and clients business.

  • Uncompromising safety and compliance.

  • Stringent Quality Control and Assurances.

  • Strong and fruitful relationships with our international clients.

  • Innovations to simplify the relationships between our clients and customers.

Our scale, reach, flexibility, industry expertise and comprehensive product portfolio enable us to develop strong, long-term relationships with many international chemical companies and to provide a single-source solution for our customers.

With strong market knowledge and diversified sales channel we are able to provide single, unified point of contact to many International chemical companies looking to expand to Indonesian Market. While our strong financial position and flexibility in doing business in Indonesia is a strong leverage for many of our International clients.

Our services to our local customer starts from the product development stage and goes all the way to the market insight to ensure the succesfull marketing of the product. We proactively provides valuable information regarding new product development, improvement as well as future trends for our customer to ensure a life long relationships.

With strong support from our parents company, PT. Kemira Nityatama are able to source and provide suitable products for all your productions needs. We welcome you to look at our product portfolio and contact us should you have any question

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