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Our Area of Expertise

importir kimia untuk industri
Since 1985, we have been a valuable partner to many industries in Indonesia. With strong technical support, reliable products and strong focus on quality control, Titian Abadi Lestari Group has grown into one of the leading supplier of speciality and industrial chemicals in Indonesia. 
Textile & Textile Auxiliaries

Ever since the establishment of our companies, textile industries has been the focus of our expertise. Our strong knowledge as well as long experience in this field makes us the ideal partner for textile industries in Indonesia. '


Our complete product range include chemicals of Fibre Auxiliaries, Sizing Agents, Pretreatment, Dyeing, Colours/Dyestuff, Textile Printing, Finishing, Coating, Garment, Textile Care and Precision Machines like Fluid Applicator and Fabric Cutting Add-on.

Plastic & Rubber

Goods that are made from plastics and rubber can be found in most of products that we use on a day-to-day basis. The quality and performance of such products depend greatly upon the raw material and additives used in the formulation.


Our products range includes PVC Resin, Plasticizers, Stabilizers, Processing Aids, Accelerators, Antioxidants, Lubricants and various types of chemicals to meet the manufacturing needs of our customers.

Paint, Coating & Ink

Under our affiliates company, PT Kemira Nityatama, we are one of the major supplier of speciality chemicals in the Paint, Coating & Ink industry.


We supply various raw material such as celliulose ether based thickener, speciality solvent, effect pigments, various additives and preservatives as well as speciality resins such as heat resistant, chemical resistant, heat seal, corrosion resistant and hydrophobic resin.

Building Construction

Building construction sector requires many specialty chemicals to improve and enhance various properties of the material. By using our specially designed - performance enhancing construction chemicals, modern building and structure can be built more robust and energy efficient while using less material.


Our portfolio includes high performance methyl cellulose, speciality anti cracking fibre, 1K & 2K Waterproofing membrane as well as Aluminium pigment for Lightweight AAC. 



PT Trilestari Uretan is the market leader in Polyurethane Foam chemical supplier in Indonesia. Our technical service can provide almost everything needed to make various type of PU Foam.


We supply everything from the basic building blocks of polyol and isocyanate, additives, release agents, blowing agents, solvents as well as ready mix formulated products.


Food & Pharmaceutical

PT Titian Abadi Lestari has been one of the prefered supplier to many leading food and pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia. We pride our self by providing excellent technical support, stringent quality control and supply reliability for our customer.


Our product includes NDC, TVP, Carotenoids, Edible Coatings, Hydrocolloids, Natural Extracts, Nutraceutical Ingredients, Active Pharma Ingredients, Coated Vitamins, Minerals and Omega 3 Powder.

Personal Care & Consumer

PT Titian Abadi Lestari supplied high performance chemicals to improve quality and performance of many products found and used on a daily basis. Most of our products comes with Halal, GMP and ISO standard and meet the requirements of many local and multinational companies.


The products which we supplied includes Metal Stearates, Cellulose Derivative, Glyceryl Derivatives, Surfectants, Sequestering Agents, Betaine, Organic Preservatives, Organic Synthesis and Oils.


Lubricant, Grease & MWF

Lubricating oils in automotive engines and industrial applications need quality chemicals to improve their performance and to meet the standards of the specified industry regulations. 


Our portfolio of products offer a range that includes, specialty base oils (aromatic and non-aromatic hydrocarbon based), engine oil and industrial oil package additives, Pour Point Depressants, VI Improvers, Defoamers, Antioxidants, Demulsifiers, Corrossion Inhibitors, Biocides and Colourants for solvent and water based.


Farming sector as a whole requires good and sustainable chemicals to improve yield and protect against unwanted pest. PT Titian Abadi Lestari provides range of solutions suitable for production of Herbicide, Insecticide and Fungicide. Our product quality met the standard requirements from the Government Regulator


Our products includes Glyphosphate, Paraquate, CAPB, Surfactants, MIPA and Abamectin.

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