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Our Management

PT TAL Group Of Companies is led by a highly professional and committed management team


Eric Henley

President Commissioner

Eric leads a team of investment specialists who work closely with high-net-worth investors and mid-sized corporations to identify and exploit opportunities for value creation in Indonesia.

Eric has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial and financial markets experience. In addition, he is the sole proprietor of IndoSterling Holding Company, which has strong positions in Indonesia’s capital markets, investment, and information chemical and consumer sectors.

Gabriel became Independent Commissioner in PT TAL Group since 2020. Gabriel’s professional career is complemented by numerous board positions, directorships and advisory roles with corporates that IndoSterling does business with.


Before this, he was nominated as a Director of the Indonesia Stock Exchange, where he gained intimate knowledge of Indonesia’s market regulations, opportunities and challenges. He also served as a member of the Indonesia Stock Exchange’s disciplinary committee.

Purple Theme Portrait

Grabiel Charles

Independent Commisioner

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